Celebrity Testimonials

Sean Combs Misa Hylton Fashion Academy



Misa Hylton is an iconic image maker and trendsetter. She has been at the forefront of the fashion explosion and is renowned for creating unforgettable looks for some of the biggest names in music.
Sean "P Diddy" Combs



Sean Combs Misa Hylton Fashion Academy
Misa is one of the most innovative, creative, trendsetting stylists in the game. She has so much concentrated creativity that she has birthed many other stylists in the game. I was and am always excited to work with her because it is a real treat anticipating what she's going to come with and I've always been happy and satisfied with the results. Misa is responsible for so many of my most popular looks through out the history of my career. She thinks out the of the box but with balance. still fly, hood and just plain Fabulous! She has so much flavor.
You are inspired every time you see her from her nails to hair to her gear you can see why she will always be one of the most Incredible stylists in the game. Keep seeing differently and being different Misa. You push us to try things that we never thought would work. That's an excellent stylist!!
Mary J. Blige



Rocsi Diaz Misa Hylton Fashion Academy



Working with Misa was a dream come true for me. Not only did she make sure I looked good, but she made every experience fun... even fittings! Thank you Misa.
Rocsi Diaz, Entertainment Tonight


Queen Latifah Misa Hylton Fashion Academy



I have known Misa for nearly 2 decades. Misa is truly talented. I hired her to serve as costume designer on 3 films my company produced. Her sense for fashion and understanding the client is truly a gift.
Queen Latifah



La La Vasquez Misa Hylton Fashion Academy



Misa Hylton has always had great personal style. Over the years she has made a memorable mark as a fashion stylist. It was such a pleasure working with her. I wish her well with the Fashion Academy.
La La Vasquez, VH1's La La's Full Court Life



Missy Elliott Misa Hylton Fashion Academy



As long as I've known Misa, she has created fashion forward images for many artists. These visual images have resulted in the everyday consumer wanting to dress exactly like the artists they saw on TV or in magazines. Misa is responsible for setting many trends. Misa will go down in history for some of the stylish, most daring, risque outfits for some of those artists that clearly were ahead of their time. Today, artists have become successful using a similar formula she used years ago. Good luck Misa Hylton
Missy Elliott
Mariel Haenn Misa Hylton Fashion Academy



Misa Hylton is one of the originators in the world of styling. She has paved the way for many, including myself, and I think it is great that she is now going to share her expertise with others. Misa is not only a stylist to many of the music industries icons, but she has also created some of the top looks that are a embedded in the history of the music industry. I have had the pleasure of working as her assistant and can say that she is not only a great stylist but also a great person... which I'm sure she will teach, is part of the key to success!
Mariel Haenn, celebrity stylist



Wouri Vice Misa Hylton Fashion Academy



Misa Hylton is a true visionary and pioneer. Her style transcends beyond runways, inspiring many genres. From costume design to fashion styling, Misa is a great asset to the style community.
Wouri Vice, celebrity stylist




Wouri Vice Misa Hylton Fashion Academy
Almost every iconic image attributed to the origins of fashionable hip hop has been created at the helm of Misa Hylton.... At a time when the business of styling wasn't even known or established, Misa was contributing to what would be the blueprint for music fashion styling. Lucky for me, I was right next to her, assisting and taking notes on what would eventually turn into a career of my own, a career never planned for nor even known could exist. Misa not only understood the economic impact of the visual presentation of an artist, but that it was just as much of a determining factor of success, as an artists basic talent. Understanding the business of fashion styling, while never forsaking the paramount of creativity, brings Misa to her latest endeavor, Misa Hylton Fashion Academy. Learning of all the unforeseen pitfalls of this business from one of the pioneers of this genre is an invaluable asset in the business of fashion styling. As a woman who has fought to preserve the integrity of this business during times when styling wasn't admired or even respected, Misa will forever be one of the Vanguards of the Business of Fashion Styling.....(and my style sister!)
Marni Senofante, celebrity stylist




Alumni Testimonials


Jenna Tyson Misa Hylton Fashion AcademyThe Misa Hylton Fashion Academy changed my life. I enrolled in MHFA looking for guidance in a creative industry and I found so much more. Being taught in class from Ms. Misa Hylton was such an inspirational experience. I trust every piece of information I learned from the MHFA because I know Ms. Hylton is teaching from experience. After graduating the program I was allotted many different opportunities. I have interned for amazing fashion stylists and costume designers and worked on a wide range of projects. Most of my internship opportunities turned into job opportunities because of the important information I was taught including the Misa Hylton technique. I have worked on Black Girls Rock, The Soul Train awards, a world tour, Crazy,Sexy,Cool; the TLC biopic, Single Ladies season 3 and 4, commercials, ad campaigns, The Voice , private performances, live performances, festivals and so much more. The best thing I did to pursue my fashion styling dreams was enroll in an excellent program created by an iconic fashion stylist and learn the tools I needed to succeed in a very large industry.
Jenna Tyson
The Misa Hylton Fashion Academy has helped me learn what it really entails to be a professional fashion stylist. The academy showed me that this is a business and you can have longevity and have fun while doing what you love! Stephanie Fairfax  Misa Hylton Fashion Academy
Stephanie Fairfax is a recent graduate of Misa Hylton Fashion Academy and has worked with celebrities such as Greg Wayans, Summer Wayans , R &B group INTRO, Ed Lover, Mr. Cheeks, Black Rob, Calvin Richardson, Redman, Method Man, Eric Sermon and Dessy DiLauro. Stephanie is also a dresser for the NYFW shows working with BET's Rip the Runway and designers Dennis Basso, Carmen Marc Valvo, Tadashi Shoji, Erin Fetherston and Taoray Wang
Stephanie Fairfax
Amanda Marquez Misa Hylton Fashion Academy
My experience at MHFA has given me the opportunity to further my dream as a fashion stylist. I was able to learn all the tools needed to become successful in this business and make it a career that has longevity and isn't just temporary.
Ms Hylton and the whole MHFA staff allowed me to show my talent and helped push it to it's full potential with the proper knowledge, etiquette and protocol to be a successful fashion stylist! Attending this school was one of the best decisions I've made in my life!
Amanda Marquez
Naomi Jonas Misa Hylton Fashion AcademyI am the typical "college graduate" from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology with a Fashion Merchandising Management/Product Development Bachelor Degree. Upon completion of my degree I was still searching for how I could get into have my dream job as a fashion stylist. I was connected with Misa Hylton through my FIT internship class where she spoke. That very moment I knew I wanted to attend the MHFA. As a graduate of MHFA I learned how to be a professional and achieve longevity in this tough business of fashion styling. The Misa Hylton Technique has allowed me to understand the business of fashion styling in a way I was unable to achieve when obtaining my bachelor degree. I have assisted Misa Hylton herself on numerous projects. Some of which include Mary J. Blige, interned at Harper's Bazaar, Angela Simmons Spring 2014 Presentation, Lucky Magazine, high profile advertising campaigns and many more. Misa Hylton is a true industry gem that has mentored and shared industry knowledge with me that I could not find in any textbook!
Naomi Jonas
New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world and truly a place where one may come with only a dollar and a dream and for me that dream was finding a platform, which was the “Misa Hylton Fashion Academy”.
zo xavier Misa Hylton Fashion AcademyFor those seeking a career in fashion styling I highly recommend enrolling and taking all courses at the “Misa Hylton Fashion Academy”. I already had a good amount of knowledge and previous experience in the realm and world of the fashion industry coming from the apparel sales side as well as the entertainment side. I honestly went back and forth for some time asking myself, “what more could I possible obtain by attending this academy that I already didn’t know?” I soon made my decision and decided to attend the academy because I figured I definitely didn’t have anything to lose but more so to gain and it was one of the best decision I’ve made in terms of continuing to perfect my craft in styling. I went from thinking I knew all about the fashion industry and how “easy” styling was to actually learning the craft from one of the most influential stylists. Learning from one of the original architects of styling of our generation was a priceless experience.
Since attending MHFA I have worked on the following projects. Styled a comp card for a Wilhelmina model which is being used on Wilhelmina's website. Worked on BET's Being Mary Jane season 3, BET's The Game, season 9 and 10 as assistant wardrobe shopper, also for Tyler Perry Studio as wardrobe shopper for The Haves and Have Nots season 4 and 5, If Loving You is Wrong season 1 and 2, Love Thy Neighbor season 3,4, and 5. I have also had the opportunity to work with celebrity stylist Mike B, assisting and creating storyboards to sell ideas to clients.
Zo Xavier
Andrea Sanchez Misa Hylton Fashion AcademyI'm 22 years old now. At the age of 15 I was signed to Seventeen Magazine as a model. This opportunity transitioned into an opportunity to become a stylist intern dressing the models, pulling clothes from the coveted Seventeen Magazine fashion closet and prepping shoots but most importantly creating story boards for what was in season. I chose to go to the Misa Hylton Fashion Academy to get hands on knowledge about the industry so I may further my career as a truely respected professional. At the end of my MHFA course I did my first big test shoot with my very own image! I am still growing as a fashion stylist and I am focused on my fashion career. With Ms. Hylton by my side guiding me on the in's and outs I have no worries! Sky is the limit!
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez Misa Hylton Fashion AcademyFrom the time Ms Hylton started breaking ground and paving the way for many of the fashion moments and styles we recreate today, I looked up to her as a style icon. I remember as a child declaring that one day I would work with the girl with the platinum "Chung Li" buns (from the Bad Boy recording artist, Notorious BIG's video "Big Poppa") Let it be the grace of God and the power of the law of attraction, that I was blessed with the chance of not only meeting her but to be taught by her! Ms Hylton and MHFA have given me a platform to showcase my passions, all while learning from the best of the best. We are not only a Style Squad, we're a family. There's no better feeling than knowing that while we're out here trying to make it, Ms Hylton always has our backs!
Stephanie Miyares