The MHFA Jr. Fashion Camp will return for it’s fourth summer in New York!

The Future Of Fashion Styling

In response to the current climate of the country, we are excited to announce that the Misa Hylton Fashion Academy is curating a 1-day camp experience for young creatives ages 12-16 with social distancing. 

MHFA Campers will participate in hands-on creative workshops that explore how fashion is used to reflect mood, personality, character, and style. Our Future Creatives will learn the key function of fashion stylists and fashion designers. 

Misa Hylton and the MHFA team utilize fashion as a segue to personal development, gaining important life skills, relieving stress, and understanding the importance and power in making good choices while increasing their communication skills. 

In a fun, nurturing environment, participants are challenged to identify and shape their image and express themselves in a way they want to be perceived by the world.

By combining fashion lessons and life coaching, MHFA champions participants to uplift their thinking, probability, and tap into their passion & purpose. Our campers will end the day with a newfound sense of pride, inspiration, and support in creating a positive self-image through fashion! 


MHFA Angel Sponsorship

The Misa Hylton Fashion Academy Camp believes every child deserves the chance to go to summer camp! As a non-profit organization we work very hard to supply assistance to families in need. For more information or to apply for a camp Angel sponsor scholarship please email us at:

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