Programs & Courses

At MHFA, we inspire the next wave of creatives to see style through their own eyes! We empower our students to define a new, electrifying vision for the future of fashion as they uncover their extraordinary gifts and discover new career pathways through our curated course and program offerings.

MHFA offers a unique and authentic experience that can’t be duplicated. At the Academy, you’ll receive the specialized support you need to break into the fashion industry and build a lasting career:

  • Real-World Knowledge and Skills Taught by Industry Professionals: Each class offers a rigorous curriculum and real world, hands-on learning experiences taught by some of the industry’s most notable professionals. 
  • Intimate In-person Class Sizes: Our class sizes are intentionally kept small to medium to ensure an intimate and quality educational experience where students receive the attention they need to learn and thrive. 
  • Flexible Class Schedules: We provide flexible learning schedules including evening and weekend classes to accommodate the busy lives of our students.
  • Virtual Learning Options: We offer virtual enrollment options for students who cannot attend in-person classes. This inclusive learning model ensures that fashion creatives from around the world have access to our one of a kind curriculum.
  • Connection and Community: We create an environment that centers the cultural identities of our students and fosters true community. Our students come from all walks of life and at MHFA, they build lasting relationships and connections with classmates and alumni that stretch beyond the classroom.



All MHFA programs are noncredit, certificate programs of study. Our programs offer specialized and comprehensive curricula that provide students with all the critical tools, and in-depth knowledge and life skills needed to succeed in the industry’s most coveted roles. Students finish the program with a certificate of completion and access to MHFA’s incredible community and resources.






Our mini-courses are a combination of workshops and masterclasses that provide comprehensive coverage on popular topics and fields of study in the fashion industry. Students finish these courses with a new and deep understanding of industry subject matters and the business acumen necessary to move their careers forward. 



SOLEcial Studies

From the time Ms Hylton started breaking ground and paving the way for many of the fashion moments and styles we recreate today, I looked up to her as a style icon. I remember as a child declaring that one day I would work with the girl with the platinum “Chung Li” buns (from the Bad Boy recording artist, Notorious BIG’s video “Big Poppa”) Let it be the grace of God and the power of the law of attraction, that I was blessed with the chance of not only meeting her but to be taught by her! Ms Hylton and MHFA have given me a platform to showcase my passions, all while learning from the best of the best. We are not only a Style Squad, we’re a family. There’s no better feeling than knowing that while we’re out here trying to make it, Ms Hylton always has our backs!

Stephanie Miyares

The Misa Hylton Fashion Academy has helped me learn what it really entails to be a professional fashion stylist. The academy showed me that this is a business and you can have longevity and have fun while doing what you love!

Stephanie Fairfax

For those seeking a career in fashion styling I highly recommend enrolling and taking all courses at the “Misa Hylton Fashion Academy”. I already had a good amount of knowledge and previous experience in the realm and world of the fashion industry coming from the apparel sales side as well as the entertainment side. I honestly went back and forth for some time asking myself, “what more could I possible obtain by attending this academy that I already didn’t know?” I soon made my decision and decided to attend the academy because I figured I definitely didn’t have anything to lose but more so to gain and it was one of the best decision I’ve made in terms of continuing to perfect my craft in styling. I went from thinking I knew all about the fashion industry and how “easy” styling was to actually learning the craft from one of the most influential stylists. Learning from one of the original architects of styling of our generation was a priceless experience.

Zo Xavier

My experience at MHFA has given me the opportunity to further my dream as a fashion stylist. I was able to learn all the tools needed to become successful in this business and make it a career that has longevity and isn’t just temporary.

Ms Hylton and the whole MHFA staff allowed me to show my talent and helped push it to it’s full potential with the proper knowledge, etiquette and protocol to be a successful fashion stylist! Attending this school was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!

Amanda Marquez

I’m 22 years old now. At the age of 15 I was signed to Seventeen Magazine as a model. This opportunity transitioned into an opportunity to become a stylist intern dressing the models, pulling clothes from the coveted Seventeen Magazine fashion closet and prepping shoots but most importantly creating story boards for what was in season. I chose to go to the Misa Hylton Fashion Academy to get hands on knowledge about the industry so I may further my career as a truly respected professional. At the end of my MHFA course I did my first big test shoot with my very own image! I am still growing as a fashion stylist and I am focused on my fashion career. With Ms. Hylton by my side guiding me on the in’s and outs I have no worries! Sky is the limit!

Andrea Sanchez