Do you have an eye for epic fashion choices? Do you need help finding your unique niche and building your portfolio? Are you ready to invest in your dreams of becoming a fashion stylist?

In this program you’ll progress through 3 courses to learn the foundations of styling, find your own creative eye, and develop ideas and concepts for various fashion mediums. By the end of this program, you’ll have what it takes to turn your newfound skill-set into successful client engagements and a flourishing career in styling.

10 months


Misa Hylton & Top Industry Professionals

October 2023



Fashion Styling 101: Introduction to Fashion Styling

Get introduced to the world of image and fashion storytelling and learn how to turn your skills into endless possibilities. This course will cover:

  • Diverse Styling Roles: Examine the unique and multifaceted roles of Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Costume Designer
  • Image Consulting: Explore the key aspects and versatility of Image Consulting
  • Career Exploration: Discover what sets you apart by finding your individual niche and creative eye for styling
  • Brand Building: Learn how to develop and communicate your unique image in the industry
  • Skills and Adaptability: Harness your own sense of style and become skillful at translating your knowledge into rewarding career opportunities


Fashion Styling 102: Elevating Your Styling Profile

Now that you’ve learned the fashion basics, it’s time to deepen your styling proficiency and garner the knowledge to become an effective stylist. This course will cover: 

  • Fashion Forecasting: Learn the key methods of Fashion Forecasting
  • Clients and Trends: Build your knowledge of clients, body types, and trends
  • Fabrics and Color Analysis: Develop an understanding of basic fabrics and color analysis
  • Storyboards: Create storyboards and effectively articulate your ideas and concepts
  • The Misa Hylton Technique: Learn and study Misa’s unparalleled approach— The Misa Hylton Technique
  • Brand Promotion: Learn how to land clients through marketing and self promotion
  • Confidence Building: Participate in hands-on confidence building exercises


Fashion Styling 103: Styling Application and Execution

Put your expertise into motion by diving into the application of styling. Now’s the time to implement what you’ve learned and get introduced to the industry. This course will cover: 

  • Styling Events and Media: Learn the keys to styling music videos, print, commercials, film, live TV, celebrities, red carpet events, and music tours
  • Fee Rates and Negotiation: Gain an understanding of fee structures and how to negotiate them
  • Career Structures: Explore the differences between agency and freelance work, and decide which arrangement is best suited for you
  • Client Confidence: Learn how to use your newfound skill-set to instill client confidence
  • Fashion Shoots: Plan and execute a fashion shoot. Choose your glam team! 
  • Career Planning with Misa: Engage in one-on-one evaluation and career planning session with Misa Hylton
  • The Misa Hylton Technique Part II: Deepen your study and review of The Misa Hylton Technique
  • Featured Guest Lecturers: Learn from a featured surprise guest speaker and engage in Q&A session

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