Do you have a love for wardrobe and organization? Are you passionate about helping others discover their own personal style? Are you ready to learn how to monetize your passion? 

This 4-day workshop will teach you to use your love for wardrobe and organization to create a business that you can turn into an exciting and lucrative career.

4 day Workshop

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Course Description

Everyone has style. Learn how to draw from your client’s essence. In this course, you will learn how to support your clients in defining their personal style and turn your skills into exciting career opportunities. This course will cover:

  • Personal Shopping Basics: Learn the role of a personal shopper
  • The Misa Hylton Technique: Learn and study Misa’s unparalleled approach— The Misa Hylton Technique
  • The Do’s and Don’ts: Deepen your understanding of personal shopping by learning the do’s and don’ts of the job 
  • Closet Organization and Cleaning Techniques: Explore practical techniques for effective closet cleaning and organization 
  • Client Fittings: Learn the proper way to conduct a successful client fitting
  • Interpreting a Client’s Personal Style:  Develop a deep understanding of clients and techniques for interpreting their unique personal style
  • Tools and Systems: Identify the tools you’ll need to be successful personal shopper and learn to create an effective client filing system
  • Establishing Your business: Learn how to turn what you’ve you learned into a business and establishing the appropriate business structure for your work

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