OVERVIEW: This virtual course will teach fashion creatives the necessary tools for navigating the fast-growing fashion + technology landscape.

4 months



Program Description

Taught by Jessica Couch and Brittany Hicks, co-founders of Fayetteville Road Agency, this pioneering course is for EVERY fashion professional. This course is for anyone who wants to bridge fashion + technology.

This holistic curriculum is for any fashion professional whose career has been affected by tech including:
  • Retailers that want to integrate technology into their business
  • Boutique owners who need to understand data
  • Designers who want to integrate technology into their skillset
  • Production Managers that want to diversify supply chain
  • Creative Directors that need to bridge fashion + technology
  • Buyers & Merchandisers who want to expand their capabilities
It is also ideal for:
  • Tech enthusiasts who want to get into the fashion business
  • Operations managers and teams
  • Ecommerce and back-end developers
  • Marketing consultants who want to diversify their expertise
  • Supplemental & continuing fashion education
  • Professionals looking to make transitions in their careers
In the course, students will learn fashion tech fundamentals, fit technology solutions, data analysis, supply chain management and problem-solving leveraging tech integration, and technology to improve the customer experience.

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