Are you a designer or buyer who wants to understand the intersections of technology in the fashion industry? Are you ready to expand your knowledge and propel your business forward through the integration of technology? 

In the course, students will learn fashion tech fundamentals, fit technology solutions, data analysis, supply chain management and problem-solving leveraging tech integration, and technology to improve the customer experience

10 weeks – Bi-weekly Saturday Online Class


INSTRUCTORS:  Jessica Couch & Brittany Hicks


Program Description

Students gain an understanding for the skill set required to bring fashion into the technological age, how the entire supply chain will be disrupted to make this happen and the global impact this will have on labor, our environment and consumers. This course will cover:

  • The Basics: Learn the basics of what fashion technology is and how it has been leveraged to become an integral part of the customer experience
  • The Customer Journey: Walk through the customer journey and learn how to use research, data analysis and feedback loops to understand customer needs
  • Types of Technology: Study the different company-facing and customer-facing technologies used throughout the customer journey
  • People and Products: Understand fit and how to match people to products
  • The eCommerce User Experience: Unpact the eCommerce user landscape and study strategies for enhancing the online experience

This holistic curriculum is for any fashion professional whose career has been affected by tech including:

  • Retailers that want to integrate technology into their business
  • Boutique owners who need to understand data
  • Designers who want to integrate technology into their skillset
  • Production Managers that want to diversify supply chain
  • Creative Directors that need to bridge fashion + technology
  • Buyers & Merchandisers who want to expand their capabilities

It is also ideal for:

  • Tech enthusiasts who want to get into the fashion business
  • Operations managers and teams
  • Ecommerce and back-end developers
  • Marketing consultants who want to diversify their expertise
  • Supplemental & continuing fashion education
  • Professionals looking to make transitions in their careers

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