SOLEcial Studies

Are you a self-proclaimed “sneakerhead”? Do you dream of getting into the sneaker business? Are you ready to dive into the lucrative business of athletic footwear?

In this bi-weekly course, you will learn the history, the marketing and the business of athletic footwear (sneakers).

Bi-weekly 6 weeks


INSTRUCTOR: Sean Williams

Course Description

SOLEcial Studies is the study of the business and the culture of athletic footwear. This course is designed to equip the future wave of creativities with the skills necessary to infiltrate the athletic footwear industry. This course will cover:

  • The Athletic Footwear Basics: Gain in-depth knowledge about the business of athletic footwear
  • Sneaker History: Study the fascinating history and evolution of sneakers
  • SOLEglow: Learn about the inner workings of marketing athletic footwear (perception vs reality)
  • Sneaker Finance: Study the financials behind the sneaker business including manufacturing cost, retail pricing, and reseller pricing
  • SOLEmodels: Learn the rules of engagement for athletic brand partnerships
  • Style Wars: Explore the resources for sneaker shopping, pulls and purchases
  • SOLEPurpose: Discover your unique trajectory within the industry including entrepreneurship and other career pathways

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