Streetwear Program


OVERVIEW: This 5 month innovative program is uniquely focused on the specific needs of emerging streetwear brands.

5 months



Program Description

The rise of streetwear has changed the fashion, publishing and retail industries. As sales figures, fan numbers and outlet numbers boom, and high-end retailers and media giants look to the scene for inspiration, there has never been a more dynamic time to be a part of the rapidly-growing streetwear industry. So we devised Streetwear 101 to take advantage of this growth.

Our innovative program will be uniquely focused on the specific needs of emerging streetwear brands, with the aim of giving your brand the tools you need to progress your business to the next level. Students will learn the following:

  • Develop your Brand DNA
  • Correctly position your brand in the growing streetwear market
  • Improve and expand your product offering
  • Create content that tells your brand story and attracts media
  • Curate a product drop from concept to launch
  • Learn how to correctly create a pop-up shop
  • Learn how to properly present your brand to retailers
  • Prepare your brand for the global market

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